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Logo Design 

  • 2 Initial design concepts 

  • 3 revisions on chosen design 

  • File Types: Jpeg, PDF and PNG, SVG 

  • High Resolution 

  • Advice on logo concept and best logo business practices. 


Price: $100


Website Design


WIX is our preferred website host. WIX provides the best online tools for all of your online business needs. We will go over all the packages WIX has to offer. WIX website hosting Packages range from $23-$60 per month. 


3 Revisions per page. Revisions are considered changing: font, color, an image, a small portion of text, and other smaller changes. Revisions are not considered: changing the layout, different design, adding new features, changing/adding content, and other complex changes. Such changes will be quoted per amount of work. Major revisions result in a $50 per hour fee. Please make sure to have all your content (photos and context) ready before website development starts. Please be as clear as possible with how you would like your site to appear  and function. 

Images & Video 

All images and videos are to be submitted before project can begin. This will give a basic layout/theme for the overall design. Animated designs and slide shows may be created where needed. 

Member Sources

Your site members will be able to log into their own member account to check past orders, see their wish list update personal information and much more. Your site will include a shopping cart, checkout page and the ability to set up coupons and sales. 

Automated E-mails

Edit any of the available text fields in the following Wix store emails: Order confirmation, shipping confirmation, ready for pickup email. Customized emails and much more! You may purchase a customized email address through wix but I do not handle personalized emailing.

Home Page

Your websites home page is the first thing a customer sees before deciding to purchase from you. I design home pages that best fit your industry. Each website is unique in its own way and your sites home page will reflect the values of your business. 

Mobile Site

Each individual page will have a mobile friendly page at no additional cost. Any revisions made on the desk top version will also be made on mobile version.  


Each page will include a footer that includes a subscription button and whatever else is necessary for your custom site. Clients can subscribe to receive emails directly from you! 

Individual Customization

Let me know if you have something in mind not listed here and we can discuss the desires for your site. I try my best to make each site unique as possible and user friendly for you and your customers. 

Backoffice Options 

You Get:

  • Your own easy to edit website that takes orders around the clock

  • Account receivables

  • Automated surveys

  • Tax, demographics and sales reporting

  • Automated scheduling, routing and load sheets

  • Automated marketing tools

  • An affordable system that grows with you

Customer Options 

Customers Get: 

  • Real-time online ordering

  • Real-time online reservations

  • Pay Online

  • Digital Contracts

  • Electronic receipts

  • Automated reminders of their upcoming events

  • Automatic reminders to order again next year

Not Included

Site design pricing does not include domain name, site host pricing,  personal emails and any other upgrades provides by WIX or its third parties.  However, WIX does provide many packages that include everything you need for a successful online presence. 

Basic SEO 

My SEO work includes writing all page titles (this tells search engines what each page is about), descriptions and keywords for each page that will translate on search engine listings and social media platforms. I cannot guarantee launching your site to the top of Google, or anything with regards to where your site appears on search engine page results. But I can point you to a search engine specialist. 

Online Store

If you opt for an online store, I will design the store pages layout which includes: Header, Button style, hoover style, product image zoom, layout, individual product page and whatever else is deemed necessary for your store page. Each category your store has will result in a new product page. Products may include: Pricing, Size, description, order button, wish list, inventory number, photo/video of item and any other customized options in which you wish to add. Checkout, cart page, member profile, order pages and any other store pages will be customized. I will only add up to 4 products per each product page. I will teach user how to manage online stores and add more products.

Menu Bar

Your site will include a menu bar that allows your customers to navigate your site. If you want specific items on your menu bar, please state the order or items you wish to be on the main menu bar. If not stated in getting started packet I will create menu bar how I see fit. 

Analytics & Reports 

You will have an integrated dashboard that gives you the ability to see how many visitors view your site site, which pages are the most popular, see your daily sales, online order snd much much more. See what marketing is working for your business! 

Site Pages

Includes; but not limited to: Header, footer, content, logo, videos or photos, products, location, contact info, about you, general info, FAQ, shopping cart, book now, Price/service list, how to, blog, ect… Every business will differ. Please specify which pages you would like on your site in your getting started pack. Provide as much content and photos as possible for best results. 

Social Media

Each page (where necessary) will include a like/share button that links to your client’s social media so they can share their favorite product or pages from you! I will also connect your social media pages so you can have your fans follow you right from your web page. The possibilities are endless! 

Payment & Shipment Features

Wix offers its own merchant payment system or you may connect a square space to your account. Square space is best used for doing vendor or mobile transactions! You may also connect AfterPay or Seezle to your account. You may connect shippo to your account to track shipment orders. WIX offers a wonderful Point of Sale System if you prefer a touch screen POS for your business. 

*Third Coast Tans may offer to be a pick up station to local businesses if they meet certain requirements. 

Learning 101

I will teach you how to navigate your site. You will learn how to add store products, keep track of inventory, see new subscribers, send invoices, book appointments and any other custom features your site may need. Once the site is launched, I will monitor the site for 10 days to make sure everything is functioning properly. I ask any major revisions or added pages to be done through my services, thus ensuring the site continues to function properly. 

Site Apps 

Over 300 applications can be added to your website. From intergrading QuickBooks to Drop Shipping apps, WIX has something for every business. 

  • Price- $200 per page.

  • Any major revisions will result in $50/ hour fee. 

  • 50% of initial invoice is due upon signing and the remaining 50% plus any additional service(s) costs will be due at completion and prior of release of website to client.  

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